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Every personnel consultant associated with TFE has had management responsibility in recruiting staff and filling vacancies. We know from our own experience what it means when a candidate leaves the company after one year.

It is costly and takes a long time to start searching again and ensure that newly appointed staff settle well into the new position.

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Setbacks often occur in realising important targets.

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The company loses valuable months until the successor to the successor is ready to start work and has become familiar with his or her duties.

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We speak about successful appointments if the new employee becomes a loyal contributor to performance targets of the new employer.

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In competitive branches where pressure from rivalry is high, the future of a company depends increasingly on a strong and decisive personnel policy. We are reliable partners for you when vacancies have to be filled with external candidates.


For easier readability we use the masculine form, e.g. the applicant. This is to be understood as a neutral formulation with which we would like to address all people equally.